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Wednesday, 14 March 2012

The Revelation

I was sitting in church one Sunday morning, probably 20 or so years ago, when the pastor invited those in need of prayer to come to the front. I saw an elderly lady go forward for prayer and two elders layed hands on her and started to pray. An amazing thing happened at that point. It was like God somehow opened my eyes to the supernatural and I could see what was happening in the spiritual.
As I looked in amazement God said to me "This woman's needs are not being met." I felt compassion flow through me for the woman and cried out "Why Lord?" He said to me "Because there is a deception in the church that is very subtle, but is robbing the church of its power." I cried out "Lord, what can this deception be?" He replied "They have called the Bible the word of God, but that name has been given to the One who is from the beginning."
I felt excited about what the Lord had shown me and couldn't wait to go home and search the Scriptures.
I should point out at this stage that when God mentioned the church, He was talking about the church as a whole. I am very aware of the fact that many, or even most, big time evangelists call the Bible the word of God and have very successful ministries. God's grace and purpose will always be there for mankind, but often times He "winks", that is to say that He will overlook things in order to achieve a purpose, but there is a better way.

As I started reading through Scripture it was obvious that Jesus was and is The Word of God. I am sure no-one would disagree with this. It is interesting to note that He is the Word of God. The word is singular, meaning there is only one.
My study took me into Greek and Hebrew lexicons and dictionaries and many times I had to go back to the Lord and ask Him to shed light on things that I did not understand. He always came through with answers that made sense, as you would expect.